Shopify Snowfall Effect Pro

Table of Contents

Main Configuration

The Meetanshi Snowfall Effect Pro app for Shopify lets you add snowfall effects to the entire store. And you can also customize it by changing Snowflakes’ numbers, sizes, colors, etc.

First, you’ll need to enable the snowfall effect app in the theme embeds.

Go to app configuration and click the ‘Go to Theme Settings > App Embeds.’
In the theme app embeds, enable the Meetanshi Snowfall Effect Pro and save changes.

To enable the snowfall effect and configure it, go to app’s dashboard and configure the following settings:

  • Winter Mode: Turn this option on to enable the snowfall effect on your Shopify store. You’ll also see the live preview of the snow effect in the configuration screen itself.
  • Number of Snowflakes: Choose the number of snowflakes you want to add. You can set it between 10 to 200.
  • Snowflake Minimum Size: Set the size of the smallest snowflake.
  • Snowflake Maximum Size: Set the size of the largest snowflake.
  • Gravity: Control the speed of the snowflakes falling effect. Set it higher to make the snow fall faster.

Click ‘Save’ on the top-right corner to save the settings.

Snowfall Effect on Frontend

Here’s what the snowfall effect looks like on the frontend.

  • Snowflake Type: Choose one or multiple characters for the snowflake from the following:
  • Snowflake Colors: Set three different colors for the snowflakes. The snowfall will contain snowflakes of these colors.
  • Cursor Type: Customize the cursor icon from the following:
    • None (Default)
    • 🎄
    • 🎅🏻
    • 🎀
    • 🔔
    • 🤶
    • 🦌
    • 💖
    • 🎁