PDF Product Catalog

Table of Contents

  1. Create PDF Catalog

  2. Manage Created Catalogs

  3. Customize & Display Print PDF Button

1. Create PDF Catalog

To ensure the proper functioning of the Shopify app, the initial step is to create the catalog from the dashboard. Once you click on the app, it will redirect you to the dashboard from where you can start configuring the app.


General Settings

Once you click on the “Create Catalog” button, you can easily configure the styles and content of the PDF catalog.

  • Catalog Status: Set the status of the app by choosing the below options

    • Enable: If you wish to utilize the app in your store, please choose the "Enable" option.

    • Disable: If you do not wish to utilize the app in your store, please choose the "Enable" option.

  • Select Font Family: Select the font style that should display when your customer downloads the catalog

  • Font Color: Set the best font color for the PDF catalog

  • Background Color: Set the background color of the 

  • Preview: Take a look at the font and color changes to understand the layout of the PDF.

  • Logo Image:  Upload the logo of your brand if you want to display in the PDF

  • Front Page Image: Upload the font image for the PDF cover page.

  • Last Page Image: Upload the image that you want to display once your customer reaches the end of the PDF content.

  • Header Text: Set the static text of the PDF header.

  • Header Text Alignment: Select the most suitable alignment for the header text

  • Footer Text: Set the static text for the footer of the PDF.

  • Footer Text Alignment: Align the footer text by selecting this option.

  • Display Date: Set Yes, if you want to show the current date in the PDF.

  • Date Format: Select the most relevant date format for your PDF catalog.

  • Add Page No: Set Yes if you want to add page numbers in the PDF.

  • Paper Orientation: Choose the appropriate page orientation.

  • Paper Layout: Choose the most suitable paper layout for the PDF.

Product Settings

  • Select Attribute: Select the attributes that you want to add in along with the product in PDF.

  • Display Buy Now Button: Set Yes, if you want to provide the buy now button in the PDF.

  • Product Attribute Alignment: If you want to display the attribute then select its alignment where it should display with the product content.

  • Product Description Character Limit: Set the number of character limits for the product description to avoid lengthy content.

  • Product Background Color: Select a background color for the product that matches the other PDF designs.

  • Attribute Label Color: Set the attribute label text color based on your need.

  • Attribute Value Color: Set the color of the attribute value

    • For ex: Price: 65000 - here Price is the attribute label and the 65000 is the attribute value.

  • Price Adjustment: Set one of the below options if you want to modify the price of the product in the PDF.

    • None: Select this option if you want to keep the price the same as the product price.

    • Increment: The product price will increase based on the amount you set in the next option.

    • Decrement: The product price will decrease based on the amount you set in the next option.

  • Change (in%): If you select Increment or Decrement from the “Price Adjustment” option then it will ask for the change percentage.

    • For ex: If you set 20% here, select increment in the price adjustment and the product price is 250$ then it will display 300$ in the PDF.

  • Tax (in %) IF you want to add the tax percentage to the product price for the PDF then you can set the same.

Select Collection

  • Collections: Select the collection under which you want to show the PDF catalog option.

  • Product List: Select the product list that you want to show in the PDF catalog.

Catalog Layout & Other Settings

  • PDF Catalog Layout: Select the best PDF catalog layout using this option.

  • Font & Color Settings: Set all the font styles, color settings and upload various images like logo, front end back.

PDF Preview

From the preview option, you can have a look at the design of the PDF and it replicates the changes that you add from the settings.


You can preview the PDF once it is configured properly. If you are happy with the PDF design then please click on the “Save & Generate PDF” button to save the settings.

2. Manage Created Catalogs

You can easily manage your created catalogs either through bulk updates or by editing each catalog individually on the dashboard.


  • Actions: Below are three actions that can be performed over the catalog:

    • Edit: Click edit to change the configuration of the created PDF catalog.

    • PDF Preview: Click to have a look at the preview of the particular PDF.

    • Download PDF: Click to get the PDF in your system.

  • Bulk Action: To make changes to multiple items at once, you can apply them in bulk in the catalog.

  • Enable Catalog: Once you activate the specific catalog, it will appear on the collection page you have selected.

  • Disable Catalog: If you don't want a particular catalog to be displayed at the front, you can disable it using this option.

  • Delete Catalog: If you want to delete the catalog permanently, you can use the delete option.

3. Customize & Display Print PDF Button

Customize the Print PDF Button

You can set the layout, text, and background of the button as per your requirements. For that, go to the default Shopify customize theme option and select the collection in which you added the PDF catalog.

  • Button Label: Set the button label text like “Print Catalog”

  • Button Position: Choose whether you want the button to be displayed on the left or right side of the collection page.

  • Button Width: Set the print PDF button width.

  • Button Padding: Set the space between button content and its border from this option.

  • Thickness: Set the border thickness in pixels.

  • Corner Radius: This allows you to add rounded corners to the button

  • Background Color: Set the background color of the button that is the most appropriate to the website theme.

  • Font Color: Set the font color of the button.

  • Border Color: Set the color of the button border.

  • Font Size: Increase or decrease the font size from this option.

Display Print PDF in front

After the proper app configuration, customers can download the PDF from a button on the collection page.