Hide Price


Table of Contents

  1. Main Configuration
  2. Product Specific Hide Price Feature
  3. Show Prices to Specific Customers
  4. Hide Price on Frontend


  1. Main Configuration

The app needs to be added to your theme in order to hide prices. To do that, click “Theme Settings > App Embeds” in the main dashboard.

Enable the “Hide Price” app from there and save the settings.


This will allow the app to hide the price on the front end.

In the main configuration part, you can customize the hide price element through the following settings:

    • Hide Price Functionality: Enable or disable the app’s main functionality.
    • HTML Element to Replace Price: Enter an HTML code to replace the price. For example: a link or a button tag.
    • Font Size: Set the font size for the text.
    • Rounded Corners: Set the radius of the HTML element.
    • Border Thickness: Set the thickness of border.
    • Text Color: Set text color.
    • Background Color: Set background color of the text.
    • Border Color: Set border color of the button.
  1. Product Specific Hide Price Feature

The app allows you to define the scope of the hide price feature from the following:

    • All Products: Hide price for all products.
    • Selected Products: Hide price for specific products.
    • Products with Tags: Hide price for products with tags.

For the “Selected Products” option, you can browse and select products from the store.

  1. Show Prices to Specific Customers

Enter the customer tags to display the prices to specific customers.

  1. Hide Price on Frontend
    The hide price app will replace the product price with the configured HTML element on the product page.


The prices are also hidden on the product listing and category pages.

Here, you can see the app has hidden prices for specific products, based on the configuration in the backend.