Facebook Chat


Table of Contents

  1. Facebook Page Settings
  2. App Configuration
  3. Add Domain to Facebook Chat Plugin
  4. Facebook Chat App in Action


  1. Facebook Page Settings

To use Facebook Chat feature for your page, you need to ensure that open hours is set to Always Open. Go to the Facebook Page to change it.


You’ll also need your Facebook Page ID for the app configuration. Navigate to About > Page Transparency in your Facebook page and copy the Page ID as shown below.


  1. App Configuration
    Go to the Settings tab of Mit Facebook Chat app to connect the Facebook ID and configure settings.
    • Facebook Chat Feature: Choose ‘Enable’ to add Facebook Chat feature to your Shopify store.
    • Facebook Page ID: Enter the Page ID that you copied earlier from your Facebook Page.
    • Login Greeting Text: Enter a custom message that you want to display on the Facebook Chat popup before the chat starts.
    • Logout Greeting Text: Enter a custom message that you want to display on the Facebook Chat popup after the chat ends.
    • Theme Color: Choose the theme color for the Facebook Chat popup.


Click Save to make changes and click Go to Theme Editor button to enable the Facebook Chat in your theme settings.


  1. Add Domain to Facebook Chat Plugin

You’ll need to add your Shopify domain to Facebook Messenger. Go to Meta Business Suite > Inbox, click on the gear icon at the top-right corner, and click View all Settings.


In the Inbox Settings, go to Chat Plugin section and edit the Website domain field.


Now, a popup to edit website domain name will appear. Enter your Shopify domain name and click Save.


Finally, click the Publish button at the bottom-right of the screen to save the changes.


  1. Facebook Chat App in Action

Once the app is configured and the Shopify domain is added to Facebook Chat Plugin, an FB Chat popup will appear on your storefront.

On clicking the Facebook Chat icon, the customers will be greeted with a login text as customized in the app.

The customers can use their messenger account or continue as a guest to chat with the business.


Initially, an automated message is sent to the customers as configured in the Chat Inbox settings.

You can find all the messages by customers in the Facebook (Meta) Business Inbox and live chat with the customers.


The business and customer can chat in real time.

The customers can end the chat from the frontend. They can also continue the chat via their messenger by choosing respective options in the menu.



At the end of conversations, the logout greetings text is displayed to the customers on the Facebook Chat popup.