Magento Currency Switcher

Magento Currency Switcher identifies users' IP address and switches the store currency to the local currency based on users' location.


Table of Content

  1. Extension Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Currency Switcher in Frontend


  1. Extension Installation
  • Upload or copy all folders in the zip package to your Magento root folder. It doesn’t overwrite any existing files but just adds new files to the folder structure.
  • Once done, log in your Magento admin panel, go to System > Cache Management, select all caches and refresh.
  • Navigate to System > Configuration, if you can see the extension tab, it is installed properly.
  • If you get Access denied error, you need to log out admin panel and log in again.


  1. Configuration
    For configuring the extension, log in to Magento, move to System > Configuration > Currency Switcher where you can find the settings to enable the extension.
  • Currency Switcher: Enable the Currency Switcher extension as shown below.



  1. Currency Switcher in Frontend
    The extension identifies the GeoIP location of the user and displays the currency of the products accordingly. Here are some of the examples of web page visits from the different IP addresses and currency auto switch accordingly.
  • Page Visit from USA
    The extension identifies the IP address from US and hence the price is displayed in USD.


  • Page Visit from UK
    The extension identifies the IP address from UK and displays the price in Euro.

  • Page Visit from India
    In this case, the visitor is from India, which is identified from the IP address, and hence the price of the product is displayed in INR.