Magento Orange Money for Senegal


Magento Orange Money For Senegal Payments integrates Orange Money payment gateway with Magento store in Senegal to capture secure online payments. 


Table of Content

  1. Extension Installation
  2. Payment Gateway Configuration
  3. Configuration
  4. Orange Money for Senegal Payment Method in Frontend
  5. Orange Money Payment Details in Backend


  1. Extension Installation
  • Upload or copy all folders in the zip package to your Magento root folder. It doesn’t overwrite any existing files but just adds new files to the folder structure.
  • Once done, log in your Magento admin panel, go to System > Cache Management, select all caches and refresh.
  • Navigate to System > Configuration, if you can see the extension tab, it is installed properly.
  • If you get Access denied error, you need to log out admin panel and log in again.


  1. Payment Gateway Configuration
    Before you configure the extension, you need to add various URLs in the admin panel of the Orange Money Senegal payment gateway.
  • To add URLs, login to the Orange Money Senegal payment gateway admin panel using the credentials. Now click web payment icon from the top left corner.


  • On click of the web payment icon, you will be redirected to the page with your added sites and other related information. Click “Settings” icon.


  • Now add 4 different URLs for return, payment failure, payment success and cancel in the respective input box.
    • Return:
    • Payment Failure:
    • Payment Success:
    • Cancellation:


  1. Configuration
    To configure the extension, login to Magento backend, move to System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods à Orange Money Senegal – Meetanshi where you can find various settings to configure the extension.
  • Enabled: Set “YES” to enable the payment method.
  • Title: Set the title for the payment method to be displayed in the frontend.
  • Sandbox Mode: Select YES to enable the sandbox mode.
  • Partner ID: Enter the partner ID provided by Orange Money while registration.
  • Merchant Site Identifier: Enter the merchant site identifier provided by Orange Money while registration.
  • Secret Key: Enter the secret key provided by Orange Money while registration.
  • Gateway URL: Enter the gateway URL provided by the gateway while registration.
  • Payment from Applicable Countries: Select countries to allow using this payment method.
  • Minimum Order Total: Set the minimum order amount to allow using this payment method.
  • Maximum Order Total: Set the maximum order amount to allow using this payment method.
  • Sort Order: Enter the Sort Order of the payment method display in the frontend.


  1. Orange Money for Senegal Payment Method in Frontend
    Once the payment method is configured, Orange Money Payment method is shown on the frontend while checking out the products. Just select the payment method, click “Continue to Payment” to get redirected to the payment page and complete the payment.


  • Completing the Payment
    Once the customer gets redirected to the payment gateway, he can see the order number and order amount. He enters the mobile number and calls on #144*391* to get the authorization code and proceed to pay.


  • Orange Money Payment Details in “My Account” section
    Once the order is placed, the Orange Money Ivory Coast payment details are shown in the Account dashboard, in “My Orders” tab.


  1. Orange Money Ivory Coast Payment Details in Backend
    Apart from the customers, admin can also see the payment details for the orders in the backend. Go to Sales > Orders, select the order, and you can see Orange Money payment details.