Magento 2 SMS Notification FAQs

Do you provide any offer on SMS gateway integration?

We provide free SMS gateway compatibility integration for your preferred SMS gateway. Also, all our customers can get FREE 5000 SMS credits if choose to integrate Msg91 gateway. To claim the free SMS credits, after purchasing our Magento 2 SMS Notification ( extension, Email to ( by adding ( in CC.

How the extension collects mobile number of the customers?

Enabling the extension will add a mobile number field in the default registration form. This field is mandatory and thus, it collects the customers’ mobile number to send the SMS notifications.

Can I customize the SMS text for each notification sent to the customers?

Yes, the extension facilitates to set custom SMS notification text for each notification type. You can also use the system variables to pass on the various order values in the SMS notifications.

What should I do to receive admin notifications on my mobile number?

In the extension configuration, add your mobile number under the “Admin Mobile Number” option to get the SMS notifications for various order and store activities by the customers.

Does your extension come with SMS credits to send SMS notifications or I have to buy SMSs?

No, the extension doesn’t come with any SMS credits. It only allows sending SMS notifications on various order events. You have to select a preferred SMS gateway to buy SMS credits. You can integrate the extension with any SMS gateway by contacting us ( Simply create an account with the SMS gateway, buy SMS credits and provide us with all the integration details to make it compatible.