Magento Facebook Chat

Magento Facebook Chat integrates Facebook messenger with Magento to provide live support through instant communication to the users.


Table of Content

  1. Extension Installation Guide
  2. Facebook Page Settings
  3. Configuration
  4. Facebook Chat in Frontend


  1. Extension Installation
  • Upload or copy all folders in the zip package to your Magento root folder. It doesn’t overwrite any existing files but just adds new files to the folder structure.
  • Once done, log in your Magento admin panel, go to System > Cache Management, select all caches and refresh.
  • Navigate to System > Configuration, if you can see the extension tab, it is installed properly.
  • If you get Access denied error, you need to log out admin panel and log in again.
  1. Some of the Facebook Page Settings you must take care of:
  • Open the Facebook Page and navigate to Settings > Page Info
  • Under Hours, make sure that the “Always Open” option is selected as shown below.

  • Facebook App ID: Facebook App ID can be obtained from

  • Facebook Page ID: When you create a new Facebook page, the page ID is given. If you want to find the page ID of the already existing page, visit the page and check the URL. The characters in the URL after the page name is your page ID.

    For example, the URL is
    Here the name of the page is “Test Business” and the digits 2387482487989307 is the page ID.

    Or, you can get the Page ID from the Page “About” section under “More Info”

  • Moreover, under Messenger Platform tab, scroll down to General Settings. There is a setting to “Link your App to your Page” where you have to enter your app ID and link it. Also, enter the name of the domain of your store.

  1. Configuration
    For configuring the extension, log in to Magento, move to System > Configuration > Facebook Chat where you can find various settings to enable the extension.
  • Facebook Chat: Enable Facebook Chat extension.
  • Facebook App ID: Enter the Facebook App ID.
  • Facebook Page ID: Enter the Facebook Page ID. 
  • Theme Color: Set the theme color for the Facebook chat window.
  • Login Greeting Text: Set greeting text to show when the users when they log in the Facebook messenger.
  • Logout Greeting Text: Set greeting text to show when the users when they log out the Facebook messenger.


  1. Facebook Chat in Frontend
    Once the extension is configured, the Facebook chat button is enabled in the frontend. When a user is log in to the Facebook messenger to start the chat, they are welcomed with the login greeting text as shown here.


  • Facebook Chat Theme
    Immediately after a user starts the chat, the Facebook Chat window is shown with the configured theme color.


  • Facebook Logout Greeting Text
    Once the chat is over and the user logs out from the Facebook messenger, he is greeted with the log out greeting text.