Magento 2 eWay Payments

Magento 2 eWay Payments integrates Australia's popular eWay Payment gateway with Magento 2 to accept online secured payments through credit cards for customers' purchase.


Table of Content

  1. Extension Installation Guide
  2. Configuration
  3. eWay Payments in Frontend
  4. eWay Payments in Backend


  1. Extension Installation
  • Extract the zip folder and upload our extension to the root of your Magento 2 directory via FTP.
  • Login to your SSH and run below commands step by step:
    • php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    • For Magento version 2.0.x to 2.1.x - php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    • For Magento version 2.2.x & above - php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy –f
    • php bin/magento cache:flush
  • That’s it.


  1. Configuration
    For configuring the extension, log in to Magento 2, move to Sales > Payments Method where you can find various settings to enable the extension.
  • Enabled: Set “YES” to enable the payment method.
  • Connection Type: Select the connection type, Direct Connection or Responsive Shared Pages, from the dropdown list.
  • Title: Set the title for the payment method to be displayed in the frontend.
  • Sandbox mode: Set “YES” to enable the sandbox mode for testing purpose.
  • Live API Key: Add live API key received while registration with eWay Gateway.
  • Live API Password: Add live API password received while registration with eWay Gateway.
  • Live Client-Side Encryption key: Add live encryption key received while registration with eWay Gateway.
  • Sandbox API Key: Add sandbox API Key received while registration with eWay Gateway.
  • Sandbox API Password: Add sandbox API password received while registration with eWay Gateway.
  • Sandbox Client-Side Encryption key: Add sandbox encryption key received while registration with eWay Gateway.
  • Payment Action: Select payment action from the dropdown menu.
  • Debug: Set “YES” to enable the debugging.
  • Credit Card Types: Select the credit card types to allow payment with.
  • Payment from Applicable Countries: Select countries to enable payment method for.
  • Sort Order: Enter Sort Order for the payment method display.


  1. eWay Payments in Frontend
    Once the extension is configured properly, eWay payment method can be seen enabled in the frontend.
  • eWay Payment method with Direct Connection
    The Direct Connection method required to enter the credit card details to proceed the payments. Click “Place Order” button to finish payment and place order successfully.


  • eWay Payment method with Responsive Shared Page Connection
    In the Responsive Shared Page method, the payment form hosted by eWay is to be filled to complete the transaction as shown below. Click the “Pay Now” button to complete the transaction.


  • eWay Payment method in My Account Section
    The customized label of the name of the payment method configured from the backend is displayed in the “My Orders” tab in the Account Dashboard. The example is shown below for eWay payment method.



  1. eWay Payments in the Backend
    Once the order is placed from frontend using eWay payment method, the details of the transaction can be seen in order view backend.
  • eWay Payment Method Details In Order View
    The Order View backend shows the payment information. It displays the payment method name, i.e., eWay, transaction ID, response code and approve message.