How to fix 3rd party extension conflicts?

Meetanshi modules are efficient feature-rich extensions that help you to get the best out of Magento. Unfortunately, sometimes the functionality of the extensions can be hindered by the conflicts with the 3rd party extensions. Have you experienced any difficulties of this sort?    

Here we have collected the most effective methods to fix conflicts with the 3rd party extensions:

1) Deactivate a conflicting module

First, check if the functionality of a 3rd party conflicting module is necessary for your Magento store.

  • Mostly, the conflicting extensions have similar functionality. And often the Meetanshi extensions include the functionality of similar plugins, so the functionality of the 3rd party extension is simply redundant.
  • Also, there are cases, when the 3rd party extension is enabled, but either is not functioning or not supported any longer. And, in this case, it is better to disable it.

To disable a module, do the following steps:

  • Open a file app/etc/modules/MODULE.xml  
  • Edit the file, changing true to false.
  • Flush the cache.

This way you completely disable the extension and it doesn't affect any Magento functionality.

NOTE: Disabling an extension in System -> Configuration -> Advanced does not deactivate the extension totally. It may be still partially working.

2) Dependencies

Besides the above-mentioned methods, you can as well fix the conflicts with the help of manipulation with dependencies.

Magento has a special <depends> module configuration, that helps to cope with the conflicts between the modules.

For instance, there is a conflict with Meetanshi_X and some 3rd party extension, say, Company_Module. To create the dependency properly, you have to define the right loading order. For instance, we want to run Meetanshi_X extension after the 3rd party extension for the appropriate work. We need to do the following:

  • 1) Open the file app/etc/modules/Meetanshi_X.xml
  • 2) Edit:










If you still experience any difficulties, please don't hesitate to contact our support engineers.