Magento 2 Shipping Rules


Magento 2 Shipping Rules allows creating custom shipping rules & modify default shipping rates based on various product conditions and cart attributes.


Table of Content

  1. Extension Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Add New Shipping Rule
  4. Shipping Rules in Frontend


  1. Extension Installation
  • Extract the zip folder and upload our extension to the root of your Magento 2 directory via FTP.
  • Login to your SSH and run below commands step by step:
    • php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    • For Magento version 2.0.x to 2.1.x - php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    • For Magento version 2.2.x & above - php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy –f
    • php bin/magento cache:flush
  • That’s it.


  1. Configuration
    For configuring the extension, login to Magento 2, move to Sales > Shipping Rules from where you can add new shipping rules. Already created and saved rules enlisted here.


  1. Add New Shipping Rule
  • Rule Name: Enter rule name to recognize easily.
  • Rule Status: Activate the shipping rule.
  • Shipping Carriers and Methods: Select shipping carriers and shipping methods of the selected shipping carrier to apply the rule on all or some of the methods of the shipping carrier.
  • Stores: Select stores to apply the rule on.
  • Customer Groups: Select customer groups to apply the rule on.
  • For Admin: Select YES to enable the created rule only in the admin panel for the backend orders.
  • Priority: Set priority for the rule. It helps to decide which rule to apply when multiple rules are eligible to apply on the same order.


  • Shipping Rates
    Define shipping rates here.
    • Rate Calculation Type: Select the rate calculation type.
      • Replace: It will override the default shipping rate by calculating shipping rates added here.
      • Discount: The calculated shipping rates will be applied as a discount.
      • Surcharge: The calculated shipping charges will be added as a surcharge on orders.
    • Shipping Rate per Order: Add the shipping rate to charge per order.
    • Fixed Shipping Rate per Product: Add shipping rate as a fixed amount to charge per product.
    • Percentage Shipping Rate per Product: Add shipping rate in percentage to charge per product.
    • Handling Shipping Rate in Percentage: Set handling shipping rate to apply on order. It will be calculated based on the default shipping rate.



  • Product Conditions
    Set product conditions or combination of product attribute combination to apply shipping rule on order and charge accordingly.



  • Shipping Address Conditions
    Set shipping address conditions to apply the rule on the order.


  • Days and Time-Based Conditions
    Set days and time for the rule to charge shipping rules only for the specific days of the week and time.


  1. Shipping Rules in Frontend
    Once all the shipping rules are defined and saved, when customers add products to cart, the shipping charge is calculated and applied based on the priority and set conditions. Here,
  • Product price: 149.00
  • Shipping Country: Australia
  • Quantity is Cart: <=3
  • Rate Calculation:

Shipping Rate Per Order (2.00)

Fixed Shipping Rate Per Product (2.00)

Percentage Shipping Rate Per Product (10%)

Handling Shipping Rate 5% (Default Flat Rate $5)