Magento 2 Mobile Login FAQs

How can I translate the mobile login popup text?

Go to app/code/Meetanshi/MobileLogin/i18n folder that contains a CSV for US for the language translation. If you want to translate the popup text in French, create fr_FR.csv and copy data from the en_US.csv file. Make sure the translated text must be in column B and the column A text must be in English.

Is all the popup in the mobile login extension responsive?

Yes, the extension uses the popup of default Magento 2 and thus, it’s responsive.

Can I use only mobile login without OTP verification enabled?

If your customers have registered by adding the mobile number using our mobile login extension, customers then can use the mobile number to login. To disable the OTP verification, disable it from the extension configuration.

Does your extension come with SMS credits to send OTP or I have to buy SMSs?

No, the extension doesn’t come with any SMS credits. It only allows sending OTP for registration, login, reset password and update mobile number. You have to select a preferred SMS gateway to buy SMS credits. You can integrate the extension with any SMS gateway by contacting us ( Simply create an account with the SMS gateway, buy SMS credits and provide us with all the integration details to make it compatible.

Can I change the OTP type sent to the customers to make it complex?

The extension facilitates with 3 OTP types say number, alphabet, alphanumeric. From the backend configuration, find ‘OTP Type’ option and set it to the type of your choice. Also, you can set the ‘OTP Length’ to make it complex.