Prestashop KNET Payments

PrestaShop KNET Payments integrates Kuwait's popular KNET payment gateway with the PrestaShop store to accept secure online payments.


Table of Content

  1. Extension Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. KNET Payments in Frontend
  4. KNET Payments in Backend


  1. Extension Installation
    To install the KNET Payments extension in the Prestashop environment, Login to your Prestashop admin panel. Go to Modules > Module Manager. Click on “Upload a Module” and upload the extension package zip you downloaded from our store. Once the extension is installed successfully, you can see it listed under the modules.


  1. Configuration
    On click of the “Configure” button, you can see the configuration options.  
  • Production Mode: Select YES to enable the sandbox mode for the testing purpose.
  • Transportal ID: Enter the transportal ID provided by KNET during the registration.
  • Transportal Password: Enter the transportal password provided by KNET during registration.
  • Terminal Resource Key: Enter the terminal resource key provided by KNET during the registration.


  1. KNET Payments in Frontend
    While checking out the products, you can see the KNET payment method on the checkout page in the frontend. Select it and proceed to payment to get redirected to the hosted payment page of the gateway.


  • Adding Card Details
    Add card details and click the submit button as shown here.


  • Confirm Card Details
    Click the confirm button to confirm the card details and pay successfully.


  • KNET Payments in Order Success Page
    Once the payment is successful, the customer gets redirected back to the merchant site where the payment method details is shown in the order success page and account dashboard. This KNET payment information includes payment ID, transaction ID, track ID, reference no, result, auth, amount, and post date.


  • KNET Payment Details in Order Email
    After the order is placed, KNET payment and transaction details are sent in the order Email to the customers.


  1. KNET Payments in Backend
    The order view in the Prestashop admin panel shows the payment information to the admin. It displays the payment ID, transaction ID, track ID, reference no, result, auth, amount, and post date.