Magento 2 Instagram FAQs

Is the Instagram image popup responsive?

Partially yes. The Instagram image popup is responsive till the tablet screens but it has been hidden in the mobile devices. We are currently working on making the popup mobile responsive as well.

I want to show the original caption, likes and comments count along with the Instagram image in the popup, how can I get that?

The extension already brings the original Instagram caption, likes and comments counts and shows in the popup. You don’t have to do anything by yourself.

Can I use this extension to boost my Instagram followers?

The extension facilitates with the user profile on the image popup. It also provides the redirection link to your Instagram profile. Your users can click and get redirected to your Instagram profile and follow your profile from there.

How can I set hotspots on Instagram images and get the preview of it?

Once you fetch and approve the images to show on various pages, you can edit them from the “Manage Instagram Images” section. Simply edit the image, drag and drop pins on the image displayed and you’re done with the setting hotspots on images. The set hotspot will be shown at the exact place you’ve set on images from the backend.

Can my users open the popup from each page where I’m showing Instagram images?

Yes, based on the set popup view, your users can see an Instagram popup from every page you have set to show Instagram images block. They simply need to click the image to open the popup.

How can I send my web users to the product page after viewing Instagram image?

You can use “Caption with Hyperlink” or “Product Feed” popup view to set links or connect product with the image using hotspots and redirect customers to a specific page on click of captions or products.

Can I use someone’s username to fetch Instagram images in Magento 2?

As Instagram requires user access token and authorization to fetch images. You cannot add someone’s username and fetch images even if it’s a public account. However, you can use hashtags to fetch public Instagram images.